1. Money And Friends

"Since he lost his money, half his friends don't know him any more"

"And the other half ?"

"They don't know yet that has lost it"

2. Our Faults

"Once a friend of mine and I agreed that it would be helpful for each of us to tell the other all our faults"

"How did it work ?"

"We haven't spoken for five years".

3. Time

"Don't you agree that Time is the greatest healer ?"

"He may be, but he's certainly no beauty specialist".

4. Boying Ambition

"Where any of your boyish ambitions ever realized ?"

Yes, When my mother used to cut my hair I often wished I might be bard headed"

5. Modern Bathing Suit

Fair Customer (to salesman displaying modern bathing suit) : "And you're sure this bathing suit won't shrink ? "

Salesman : "No, miss; it has nowhere to shrink to."