News about Haintec

In advance the globalization background of the world economy ground, official member Viet Nam event become the World Trade Organization WTO is carried for Viet Nam economy  many chance to develope but we have many challenges  ,difficulty . To keep  the place and develop in modern business and competing and excitability ,only one enterprise must of position self-affirmative attempt own by service product quality provided and rank prestige with customer in and in addition to country .

Member of VIETNAM SHIPBUILDING INDUSTRY CORPORATION – VINASHIN, HALONG SHIPYARD COMPANY alway go abreast with developement history of shipbuilding industrial and  và contribute bearing come to benefits hugely  for cho Viet Nam economy  and shipbuilding industrial .


Following That success , cooperation's sustained development strategy inbuilt , in october 2006, HALONG SHIPYARD COMPANY  have permission to buy stock to setup halong inspector and technical service jcs (Haintec) with objective provide high-quality techniques services  contribute ship throw-in industrial branch's more and more big development need response  . Have inherit precious experiences and  và cooperation's long-time tradition , Haintec company have already to get a material base system, technology appliance is modern  with vá»›i personnel squad is full- fervid , more experience  and have highly specialized leveling  requests response availability is meridian with respect to all big projects  . Though newly founded but Haintec was hold the affirmative of position own on business world , seize prestige of many country intrinsical and exterior business partner business friends .

Field of action :

1.     Technical service :

·     Consultant, appraise and test no destroy , electrical test , providence, chemical properties of the industrial project, civil ,traffic and safe ;

·     Traning and technical support with every field : manufacture , build and put together ,test , mechanical test  , electric weilding and no destroy and  production.


·     Consultant ,supervise the traffic project .

·     Supervising build and excute the work of the industrial and civil project ;

·     Structure design the industrial and civil projest;

·     To forrm the invest project , consultant to establish document to contract and  evaluating document to contract all industrial and civil project;

·     Test , design appraise , appraise estimate for project 

2. Import - Export Business :

·     Trade , install and hand over the technology some  electrical equipment , building and science and technology ;

·     Trade some system of electric wires , electronics , automate for industrial project

·     Import - Export all product;


6th floor , number  82, chua ha street , the Quan Hoa precinct, the Cau giay
"new chance , new provocative"